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We ponder. We unearth. We incite. We fuse.  

Our Story - Some of the most valuable and enriching research has come out of collaboration with clients, colleagues and consumers.  We are former colleagues and collaborators from various corners of the globe, who uncovered a common ethos about entrepreneurial thinking and doing.  We are a socially innovative network  of enthusiasts motivated deeply by discovery.  Our collaborative team is made up of seasoned specialists who are passionate and skilled in the science and art of insight.  


Inciting & Fusing - We believe the most innovative thinkers are doers - they live, work and play in the communities that they study.  We source our talent from around the globe.  Our working model is like casting for a movie; for each project, we source and hire the talent that is very specific to your needs.  Each team is custom-built to your research challenge.  This allows us to source the best talent and bring in specialists at various phases of the research, as needed. 


Our borderless, yet collaborative structure allows us to bring together a myriad of regional expertise and insights, from ethnographers in Vietnam and the UK, as well as brand strategists serving Asia-Pacific and ideation experts in Latin America.  Whether you are launching a new product, entering a new market, optimizing your brand, or discovering your consumers, we take the time to understand your business challenges and craft an innovative design that fuses the best approaches.  We bring entrepreneurial thinking and craftsmanship to clients.

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