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Collaborating with design firms, brand agencies and creative entrepreneurs always brings better, more compelling visual prototypes and insights to our clients and our working teams.  Some of the most compelling stories are best told as visual and tangible journeys.  

Jiae Kim and John Lee founded EMEHT (the other side of THEME magazine, a bi-monthly lifestyle and culture magazine) in response to the requests of advertisers asking for innovative ways to reach their audience. EMEHT’s clients include Beats By Dr Dre, Converse, Dickies, Diane von Furstenberg, Jordan Brand, Intel, Scion, Nike, and New York Red Bulls. Prior to starting THEME and EMEHT, Jiae Kim was an associate partner at the famed design agency Pentagram, and John Lee art directed national and international advertising and marketing campaigns for clients such as Levi’s and Nike.  Immerse yourself in their creations at

New York

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Japan Research Consultants was one of the founding pioneers of market research in Japan.  Hiroshi Aoyama founded JRC almost 4 decades ago and his leadership has kept the company boutique, customer-centric and innovative.  JRC's expertise includes complex mix-methodologies, providing exceptional, high quality research to domestic and global brands.  At the helm of JRC, Aoyama-San brings a unique, differentiating leadership that seamlessly bridges expectations and high quality results for global brands trying to succeed in Japan.  Before founding JRC, Aoyama-San studied industrial sociology at Hokkaido University and did a lengthy cultural immersion in England to master the English language.


Stephen Payne is a British filmmaker and photographer, currently based in Los Angeles.  His works are numerous and brings him to far-reaching corners of the world.  He started his career as a photographer for The Evening Standard in London and has traveled the world documenting the mischief of many, many bands.  He worked closely with Chris Paine (Director) on both "Who Killed the Electric Car” and "The Revenge of the Electric Car." Take a tour into Steve's world at 

Los Angeles

Anke Fachmann is a painter and graphic artist. She studied Graphic Design at the Freie Hochschule fuer Grafik-Design & Bildende Kunst in Freiburg, southern Germany. She's particularly nuanced in clean German and Swiss Design style, in which she applies beautifully to print design, photography, illustration, typography, corporate identity, logo development, website layout and photography. Peruse through her creations at Fraulein-Anke-Malt and

San Francisco

Ariel Rudolph is a designer, user experience architect and strategist who believes his field is *it*: the most exciting place to be in our rapidly-changing information-driven world. He's worked on products and services for a range of industries and interface mediums, including web and mobile, speech recognition, aviation, and retail. He's lived on both coasts but currently calls Chicago home, where he free-lances for some of the world's largest and smallest brands, businesses and organizations. He has a Master of Design Methods from IIT Institute of Design, and a Bachelor's of Science degree in Human Factors and Philosophy from Tufts University in Massachusetts.  He enjoys chicken-salad sandwiches on the weekends, and is right-handed.  Explore his work at 


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