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Global consciousness and impact is an inherent part of our ethos.  Our mission is to spread entrepreneurial thinking and doing around the world...

Kiva also offers micro-financing loans for US entrepreneurs:

Microfinance Pioneer Muhammand Yunus received the Nobel Prize in 2006 for his remarkable achievements in starting the Grameen Bank and educating the world about how micro loans could change poverty one person at a time in the most remote corners of the world.  Microlending changes the way we think about charitable giving, empowering the smallest entrepreneur to realize her dream and make it sustainable.  Kiva was founded in 2006 and makes microlending extremely easy, with as little as $25 per loan.  When I was a graduate student studying Economics, we learned about how Muhummand Yunus' teaching years in Bangladesh helped him understand poverty and how a $1 to $2 loan could significantly change the lives of the poorest groups e.g. women and children.  Whether you were a craftsman, a junk peddler, or a woodcutter, obtaining the initial capital or loan to buy your materials is the difference between cyclical poverty or self-empowerment.  The incentive to get future loan credit makes the loan repayment rate extremely high.  With Kiva, the repayment rate on loans is near 99% and you can relend those funds again and again to anyone you choose in rural and urban developing communities around the world.  Check it out at

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With the help of friends, colleagues and family, we raised funds to help a Maasai tribesman become an entrepreneur in Kenya, while giving back to his community by donating 10% of safari bookings to 501c3 doing work in Africa.  Our marketing and media efforts helped to launch 

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Global impact starts with global consciousness.  NPR journalism brings the breadth and depth of storytelling to our radios and fingertips.  Like exceptional research, their rigor and impartial investigative techniques allows the reader comprehensive insight to the subject at hand.  NPR.ORG

World Wildlife Fund protecting the future of nature for our childrens' generations to come.  They work in 100 countries for more than 50 years to lead governments, businesses and communities towards sustainble existence and development.  
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Incite Fusion supports relief efforts for the Nepal Earthquake. Please also consider supporting the relief efforts today.  

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Kenya is a country of resilience and optimism.  Each time terrorism, political unrest or natural disaster strikes its communities, the Kenyan people only come back stronger, more hopeful and more hospitable.  My visit in Feburary of 2015 was an exhilirating discovery.  Kenya is a largely untapped economy that has incredible investment and growth potential.  The journey unveiled an incredible social infrastructure that can support many investment initiatives, including travel & tourism, infrastructure development, agricultural exports and retail expansion.  After the most recent terrorism tragedy in Northern Kenya, the best thing we can do for Kenya is continue our committment to visit and invest in its economy and people.    


7 indicators that Kenya will be a long-term growth economy:


1. Kenya is hosting the next Global Entreprenuerial Summit in July and President Obama will be there

2. A $630+ Million Dollar expansion of Nairobi’s Jomo Kenyatta International airport to service 20 million passengers a year (close to 4x its current capacity) and new direct flights e.g. SFO to Nairobi

3. English is mandatory in the school system, they have a young, educated labor force (two-thirds under 24yrs of age) and very flexible labor regulations

4. One of the most hospitable and friendliest countries you'll ever have the fortunate circumstance to visit - driven by years of training in the travel and tourism industries.  The people are not only hard-working and enterprising, but well trained in customer service and tourism-facing industries.  Companies interested in global expansion should definitely consider Kenya.  

5. The country has shown significant improvements in reducing corruption in business transactions: World Bank Study

6. Retail entry points are strong (according to PwC) and they are investing $53M to expand Mombasa Port - which is already a key entry point for many neighboring African countries.  PwC Kenya Profile

7. Their Safari wildlife has been amazingly well-preserved, yet still open and well-managed.  Masai Mara is a beautiful extension of the Serengeti ecosystem and Amboseli has beautiful views of Mt Kilimanjaro.

8.  More on the long-term investment potential of Kenya:  KPMG Kenya Country Profile

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