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We are looking for part-time contractors for survey design, UX and qualitative research

Research Manager - can be remote / telecommute

Essential Skills

  • 2-5 years experience with research, such as surveys, usability market research (qual and quant)

  • Experience with managing suppliers

  • Attention to detail and proactive

  • Understanding of survey design and survey programming

  • Ability to collaborate with clients and maintain strong client relationships

  • Understanding recruiting process on qualitative research e.g. focus groups, one-on-ones, etc.

  • Motivation to step outside of your comfort zone and learn new technologies and systems


  • QA for surveys, screeners, data tables, etc.

  • Test, deploy and manage surveys

  • Manage and assist with project management, recruiting, research as needed for qual and quant projects

Please submit a resume and cover letter to  Please indicate which position you are applying for in the subject heading.

  • Telecommuting is okay, but available to field projects as they arise

  • Compensation:  varies based on experience $25-$75/hr

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