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No matter how long you've been doing research in the United States, it's imperative to reset your assumptions.  We are in a new gilded age, where income inequality has risen in every state since the 1970's and polarization on every issue seems rife.  It has a huge impact on how we should think about marketing, development and strategy for product and services.  The biggest shift in the last two decades has been in spending, or what we term "experiential goods" vs "non-experiential goods" spending.   


Propelled by the explosion of social media, "experiential goods" are goods that are consumed with either a social or public element involved that is commonly more "shareable" on social media.  Some of these are...


+ restaurants / dining out

+ concerts / events / entertainment

+ travel airfare, shared transportation, public transportation

+ hobbies (e.g. camping gear, photography equipment, bikes), video gaming


"Non-experiential goods" are goods that are consumed mostly in your home and/or by mostly you for private consumption that is less "shareable" on social media.  Some of these are...


+ food at home

+ vehicles

+ apparel

+ household furniture & appliances

+ electronics video & audio

Brands are trying to stay relevant by creating emotionally meaningful experiences with their products - either through their own products or services, or tapping into the existing experiences and movements out there in the social, political, economic landscape.



Entertainment trends like "Tidying Up With Marie Kondo" on Netflix has also reset mindsets on what do we keep that "sparks joy" and a more minimalistic approach to consumption.  Are these trends going to last?  Looking at the consumption shift, a home that provides space for meaningful experiences impacts everything inside of it.  Whether it's an intimate dinner with family or friends, or travel excursions or events, the shift seems here to stay, at least for awhile.  Agile brands that ideate regularly with cross-functional teams and with their edgy consumers will be ahead of the curve.

Our experts in North America come from very culturally diverse backgrounds with lots of mix-methodology experiences on both the supplier and client-side of research.  We help you evangelize your research insights and make an impact on your business. 


We engage US consumers using the social media platforms they love connecting on.  It allows us to reach busy consumers in almost every corner of the US.  Learn more about our popular online research tools using Yammer here

We have a proprietary panel that we can recruit from for US-based qualitative research.  

Depending on your business challenge and your industry, we build your North American team​ with the experts that are relevant to your particular research need.


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